A Safe Place to talk

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Psychotherapy and counselling are about creating a safe space in which you can explore the issues you are experiencing in your life. Everyone  uses  this  space  differently – some  people talk about their early experiences, others focus more on recent experiences or their current situation. Considering … Continued

Anger Management – Tips and Techniques for Getting Anger Under Control

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Below are some tips that may help you manage your anger: Be Anger Aware. It is important that you learn to identify where and when you feel angry. Write it down. Is there a pattern? Do you have consistent “triggers.” Can … Continued

Time to rest and heal

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Cherish the winter.  Cherish its quietness, the time of going within to rest and heal.  Cherish this time of preparation that must come before new life. Cherish the hope that lies beneath the snow.   Melody Beattie (From ‘Daily Meditations’)

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