Depression – coping with feelings of despair and thoughts of suicide

Depression – coping with feelings of despair and thoughts of suicide

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Everyone has times when they feel down – it’s natural for moods to ebb and flow.  However, sometimes people get stuck in a cycle of despair, where they may feel down all the time, losing the ability to feel pleasure, lacking motivation and perhaps feeling they have no reason to live.  There can be many reasons why depression may develop – the cause can be physiological, a stressful or traumatic event or patterns of thinking and behaving that were learned in childhood.  Sometimes feelings of despair can become so severe that someone might think about hurting themselves, or perhaps do something to bring an end to their life.

Depression can be significantly helped through counselling.  For some people, they may need space to process shock, horror and disbelief at events that have happened to them.  Others may need to explore the critical way that they talk to themselves, which leads to feelings of worthlessness and low self-esteem.  Often, people suffering from depression are suppressing deep feelings of hurt and anger – having a safe space to express those feelings can be enormously healing and transformative.

In counselling for depression, I offer support to enable you to:

  • Feel better about yourself
  • Learn to manage your mood and make choices about what you feel
  • Express held-in emotions
  • See improvements in your relationships
  • Move on from difficult events
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety
  • Feel heard and seen for who you are

To find out more about how counselling for depression can help,

please contact me on 085 172 4288.