Depression Counselling

Depression Counselling

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Depressed feelings and Depression

If you think your depressed feelings are badly influencing your life, there are things you can do to alleviate those feelings…

If you think that you may be suffering from depression (or depressed feelings) you are advised to talk to someone… a doctor can prescribe medication to alleviate the symptoms and doctors may also refer you to psychiatrist for ongoing treatment.

In Dublin Counselling offers counselling for depressed feelings. By not diagnosing depression we can sometimes be more helpful to you… as we are all faced with issues and feelings that can make us feel sad and lonely and low.

These are NORMAL life experiences that we sometimes see as not beneficial… when people are sad they do not work as efficiently and therefore are not as valuable, so please fix this person.

Whatever treatment you take up it is highly recommended you also investigate counselling and or psychotherapy alongside drug treatment.

Some signs that indicate you are feeling depressed can include:

  • that you are unhappy in your work or relationships, and that this unhappiness stays with you over a period of time, and cannot be explained by illness, situation or attitude.
  • Loss of interest in things you usually do
  • Doubts about your decisions, more than usually experienced
  • Scary feelings where you can’t find good reasons
  • Feelings of not being in control (at work or in your relationships or where things are changing around you)
  • Difficulty finding pleasure with activities you usually found fun
  • Difficulty settling down to things (like study or listening to music or at a picnic etc)
  • Feelings of suicide or thoughts about death (yours or those around you)…. this is usually at the bottom end of the range of feelings around depression, but is by no means uncommon.

CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR or trained professional.  Some people have described feeling depressed as living life in black and white. This is usually described after they have found some relief from their condition. Depression can be elusive.

CBT (Cognitive Behavoural Therapy)

CBT can help overcome the effects of depression.

Feelings of sadness, unhappiness, disappointment are as common as ecstasy, enjoyment, satisfaction and happiness. All of experience a range and variety of emotions and feeling every day. If the range is limited and persists in a limited way then most people will be helped with therapy.
CBT for depression consists of the therapist helping the client to understand the normal range of expected emotional responses and feelings all of us experience… and is often and usually remarkable effective in relieving the symptoms.

And it maybe all that is required. After all, all we want is to be able to get back to our normal range of activities, have some fun and enjoy most of the day. However, if the symptoms return; if the pleasure is just not good enough; if the job or relationship suffers on a long term basis because of feeling miserable or always arguing or feeling unloved and misunderstood, there may be a case for a deeper and more substantial series of conversations with a therapist.

Consulting a counsellor or psychotherapist can make a difference to your progress.

It has been suggested that one in five people in Ireland have, or will suffer from depressed feelings to some degree. Many doctors say that over half their patients suffer from such feelings to some significant degree.

Having depressed feelings: ask for help. Counselling depression helps. Depression counselling can help you find your way out the darkness that often envelopes people who are feeling depressed and gives them hope for a future of having some of the good things in life.