Low Mood

Low Mood

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As you are learning to manage to your emotional state you may notice sometimes that unexpectedly your mood changes. People are sometimes confused with this sudden dip in their mood. It can happen so quickly that they may not even have time to recognise that a negative thought has passed through their mind, thus causing this mood decline.

When you start to feel a little sad, anxious or irritable ………….. It’s not the mood that does the damage but how you react to it.  Remember your feeling is valid, there’s a good reason for it.  Trying to free yourself from a bad mood, working out why you’re unhappy or what you can do about it often makes it worse.

Rumination keeps us trapped e.g. why am I feeling this way.

Name the place you’re in.

Stop fighting what’s happening! Welcome the bad feeling.

Take hold of it like you would face a feeling e.g. like acknowledging death or an illness.  Be present with it (the feeling, the mood), name it and hold it.

It’s not all of who you are.  This is where I am now.  Can I accept that.

Develop your Reflective Awareness.  Talk to someone – a friend, family, a counsellor.  Get to understand whether your thoughts reflect how you feel.  Sometimes they’re just thoughts, and like buses, you don’t have to get on that bus.