Psychotherapy and Counselling in Dublin

Psychotherapy and Counselling in Dublin

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If you are seeking private, confidential counselling in Dublin to a high standard of sensitivity and professionalism I invite you to contact me about working together. I have over seven years experience of working in the private healthcare system, so I am well acquainted with the needs of individuals requiring a private therapy service.

If you are looking into counselling for the first time it may feel confusing and somewhat daunting. You may be asking yourself: “How do I know what is the right kind of therapy for me? How do I know which therapist will be best for me? What if I don’t get on with the therapist once I’ve begun?” These can seem difficult questions to answer, particularly when under the kinds of pressure that can prompt us to seek help in the first place.

The first thing to consider is what type of therapy do you want? There are lots to choose from but a simple breakdown is given here It is helpful to find out about the approaches on offer and see which ones seem suited to your personality and aims.  I am an Integrative counsellor, which means I adjust the ways I work according to your needs at any given time. As well as working in private practice, I also provide counselling for a number of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) using Solution Brief Focussed Therapy (SFBT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) tools, in addition to Mindfulness to dissolve old unwanted thinking habit and address behavioural change. However, my preferred orientation is towards a “person-centred” (Humanistic) approach, in which I look to deeply supporting you through empathy, congruence and acceptance of you and any issues that you bring to therapy. My experience tells me that the most long-lasting change arises through people feeling really listened to, accepted and supported in finding their way through whatever difficulties they are facing. It is therefore vital to work with someone you feel comfortable with and trusting towards.

I offer an initial consultation in which you have the opportunity to ask me anything you’d like to know about the way I work and what to expect from therapy. Through spending this time together you will have a chance to see if you feel comfortable with me. I also then have the chance to assess whether my training and experience are suited to the help you’re looking for.

Another aspect to consider is choosing someone who is well qualified and accredited. Accreditation is the outcome of a lengthy process through which a therapist demonstrates their capability by building up significant counselling experience during their training, and shows understanding of the therapeutic process through case study reports. Credentials can be checked by making an enquiry to the therapist’s accrediting organisation. The Irish Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (IACP) is the most widely recognised accrediting body in Ireland for counsellors and psychotherapists. I am also a member of IACP, which means I abide by their code of ethics, which can be found at

You can contact me via the ‘Contact’ page on this website or simply call me on 085 172 4288. Please feel free to enquire about any aspect of therapy.