Reduce Anxiety by Grounding Yourself

Reduce Anxiety by Grounding Yourself

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Do you feel often like life is passing you by? Is it hard to find a minute to calm down and really take things in around you? Grounding is a technique that helps bring me back into the present, into the here and now.  It’s a useful technique if you ever feel overwhelmed, very anxious or off kilter.


  1. Place both feet flat on the floor
  2. Lean back into your chair, and make note of the feeling of the chair under you and against your back.
  3. After breathing in and out three times, you can ground yourself even more in the here and now by pressing the balls of your feet on the floor. Can you feel the floor? Does it feel solid?
  4. All the time, breathing in and out, ask yourself can you feel the seat and the back of the chair? Does it feel solid?  Can you let yourself go? Can you let the chair and the floor hold you?
  5. You may get distracted and thoughts float through your mind, that’s okay, gently bring yourself back to your breath. Follow the air as it floats in and out of your body.  Just come back to your breath.

Modern life can be stressful. Many of us feel so busy with activities that there’s hardly time to breath, much less take a moment to enjoy where we are.

I recommend making mindfulness / grounding  a part of your daily life so that when you need to turn to it when intrusive thoughts, images, and sensations arise it will feel like turning to a good friend whose personality and behaviour you know very well.