K, Rathmines, Dublin 6

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“Over the past year, I was struggling to cope. I’ve always liked being busy, doing challenging work, sport and going out. But, recently, it all got too much, juggling young children, job, friends and family, never having enough time for anything. I had everything I wanted and I felt so unhappy. Through counselling with Geraldine, things began to shift straight away. I have learned to focus on myself, my needs and to slow down. I used to run around and try to do everything, never wanting to say No. I’ve become more aware of my feelings and it’s okay to be me, to listen to myself. I feel happier in my skin, more secure and confident. I can’t imagine that I would have found so much peace without Geraldine’s help. I would highly recommend Geraldine to anyone struggling to make sense of their life.”

K, Rathmines, Dublin 6 Dublin 2, Bereavement November 6, 2015